How to choose yoga wear

Choosing the right yoga wear is important for doing yoga. Yoga clothing should provide freedom of movement, comfort, and support to perform yoga poses correctly. This time, we will introduce how to choose yoga wear by type of yoga, fitness wear, material, and body type.

[How to choose yoga wear]

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing yoga clothes:

  1. Ease of movement Yoga is performed while softening the body, so yoga wear is important for ease of movement. Avoid clothing that is too tight or restricts movement.

  2. Comfort Yoga is about slow, deep breathing, and comfort is also important. You can do yoga comfortably by choosing sweat-absorbent and breathable materials.

  3. Supportability To perform yoga poses correctly, supportability is required. Depending on the wear, there are things that have high support such as bust and hips. By choosing clothes that fit your body, you can do more effective yoga.

[How to choose yoga wear according to the type of yoga]

There are various types of yoga. By choosing clothes that match each type, you can do more comfortable yoga.

  1. Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga in which basic poses are performed slowly. Clothing should be comfortable and easy to move. We recommend that you choose a soft material that fits your body.

  2. Vinyasa Yoga Vinyasa yoga is characterized by flowing movements. Clothing should be easy to move and breathable. By choosing sweat-absorbent and breathable materials, you can exercise comfortably even in vinyasa yoga where you sweat easily.

  1. Ashtanga Yoga Ashtanga yoga requires a fluid flow of poses and a high level of exertion. Clothing should support the body and not restrict movement. It is recommended that you choose clothes made of a firm stretch material.

[Difference between fitness wear and yoga wear]

Fitness clothing and yoga clothing may seem similar, but there are actually differences.

Fitness wear is suitable for exercising at sports clubs, etc., and requires quick-drying and stretchability. Yoga clothing, on the other hand, should provide freedom of movement, comfort, and support to perform yoga poses correctly.

[How to choose by material]

There are many different types of yoga wear materials. Each material has its own characteristics.

  1. Cotton Cotton has excellent water absorption and breathability, and is gentle on the skin. However, it has little elasticity and may be difficult to move.

  2. Polyester Polyester is quick-drying and durable. However, it is not very breathable and may feel uncomfortable on the skin.

  3. Nylon Nylon is a lightweight, quick-drying, and stretchy material. However, the ventilation may not be very good.

[How to choose by body type]

When choosing yoga clothes, it is also important to choose according to your body type. Below are some tips on how to choose your body type.

  1. Petite people For petite people, yoga wear that emphasizes vertical lines is recommended. By choosing something that fits your body, you can expect a style-up effect.

  2. Large People For large people, we recommend wearing loose-fitting yoga clothes. You can create a natural silhouette without picking up your body line.

  1. Chubby people If you are chubby, we recommend yoga wear that supports your body and covers your body shape. By choosing a stretch material, you can ensure ease of movement.


When choosing yoga wear, it is necessary to consider various factors such as the type of yoga, the difference from fitness wear, the material, and the body shape. You can live a comfortable yoga life by choosing the wear that suits you.