Our original yoga wear brand that offers high quality and reasonable wear with the theme of attractive fitness wear.

"Loopa" is a Sanskrit word that means "color", "material" and "shape". It features beautiful styles and color variations inspired by the colors and substances that exist in nature.

loopa cherishes the idea of ​​one-of-a-kind design in the world, and practices manufacturing that puts the SDGs and environmental conservation first. The biggest feature is the functional material that pursues ease of movement and comfort. With a highly fashionable design that can be used not only as yoga wear and fitness wear, but also as town wear, it is popular among a wide range of people, from adult women to young people. Among them, the popular tie-dye series uses natural dyes that are gentle on nature. Drying is done in the sun without using any electricity. Enjoy loopa wear that absorbs the power of nature by taking plenty of sunlight.