Puravida! Special Coupon

Discount coupons currently being distributed

SALE items are also eligible! 500 yen OFF coupon
*Limited to 1 per person *Cannot be combined with other coupons *Available for purchases of 6,600 yen or more

If you link your account with LINE
500 yen OFF coupon gift!

*Cannot be combined with other coupons.
*You will automatically be registered as a Puravida official LINE friend.

can be used anytime
100 yen coupon

For orders over 2750 yen

Coupon code: EV100

*Business members cannot use this service.
*Cannot be used in combination with other discount codes.

art board 6 Puravida! プラヴィダ ヨガ ピラティス フィットネスショップ